“Alison is hard-working, dedicated and was instrumental at increasing our marketing presence. She is an excellent writer, has a critical eye to marketing strategy and grew our presence on social media to a large following. She also organized and managed a large awards show with impressive ease. I trusted her judgement and thus she was able to do her job with minimal supervision.”   Carlyle Jansen, Owner of Good For Her


Alison’s work was a great asset to our organization. She worked with our team to develop an understanding of our communication needs through a series of in person interviews and a scan of our external communications. From that, Alison developed and wrote a communications plan with varying levels of complexity and devoted staff time. Alison presented the communications plan to the team and provided us with strategic and thoughtful advice based on her knowledge of our staff, the landscape of social media and successful external communications strategies. Alison is smart, easy to work with and has current knowledge about social media strategies and tools.” Angela Lee, Community Engagement Worker at Public Interest Strategy and Communication


“After working with Alison on a number of events over a 5 year period, I am a fan of her organizational, communicative, and team-player skills. Alison’s attention to small details and professionalism really made a difference, and as a performer, I needed to rely on someone who could have a handle on a million little things in a fun and easy manner; this positive attitude means Alison is wonderfully easy to work with, and it’s a sentiment shared by myself and many others.”  Ryan G. Hinds, Performer 


“Alison Lee has a keen knack of bringing great people together. She’s a connector, a fantastic communicator and is always two steps ahead in terms of her vision for a project.  Alison is a consummate professional as evidenced by her flawless execution whether it’s pulling off a major public event, curating a diverse and thoughtful selection of films and speakers at festivals, as an educator speaking to media and also as a leader and visionary for many other artistic and educational endeavors. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alison over the past several years at various events and I’ve always been impressed at how she manages to make everybody she works with feel supported while executing the task at hand with adept skill and grace.”  Joanne Loton, Filmmaker


“Working with Alison Lee has always been a pleasure. My company has been an event sponsor with Good For Her for the last handful of years, allowing Alison and myself the chance to work together repeatedly over consecutive years, each of which was better than the last (though I thought it not possible to get any better). Not only is Alison incredibly organized and detail oriented, she is warm, thoughtful and gives her all to every interaction.”   J.D. Ackerman, National A-1 Internet


“Alison is an extremely talented and gifted writer. Her all around good taste makes her an asset to any company that is willing to open its arms to someone who is results-oriented, creative and precise. She is also someone who sticks to her vision and does not bother to listen to doubt during the production of any type of content. Alison is a pleasure to work with – easy going and enthusiastic, I strongly recommend her for any position – you would be lucky to have her work with you or for you.”  Amber Cordeiro, Head of PR at Inlyte

* Full references available upon request.

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